Why this site?

I built this site because I sometimes found myself explaining the same ideas over and over, in social media or in seminars or in work settings. This site is for non-work-related musings. Anything work related would be placed on my partner site: VanguardEA.com

Why should you listen?

I listen first. I do my research and carefully construct an idea from facts derived from reliable sources. It’s a method called “critical thinking” and I highly recommend it. I believe that we spend far too much time wrapped up in the stories that other people want to tell. I would much prefer to refer to facts where they are known before diving into analysis and opinion.


So who is Nick Malik, really? I’m not going to make it that easy.

A. Nicklas Malik

Business leader, technology wizard, chief dishwasher

Devoted and Dedicated

Dogs… who can live without dogs?

Seeker of Justice

Protector of children

Willing to protest for what is right

Not afraid of guns, but I’ve had concerns about some of the people who own them.

You got this far. Great. Now head over to the articles section and find out what’s going on in my head.