Birthright citizenship is ESSENTIAL TO STABILITY

Many years ago, I travelled through Europe.  I was struck by the fact that there were families there, born and raised in Germany and France, that were not citizens.  Entire families that did not know any other land, language, or way of life, who were denied citizenship.  Later, when I visited Israel, I learned that the same thing had happened in Jordan, where tens of thousands of Palestinians had fled in the 1940’s and 1950’s, and stayed, raising families and starting businesses, but their children and grandchildren and greatgrandchildren were denied citizenship to any country.

In each of these places, an entirely foreign concept of "second class citizen" was a way of life.  These people recieved less protection from their government, less representation in their parlament (if any at all) and less opportunity to learn, work, or thrive.  They became a burden on their countries and a source for recruits for radical causes.  These days, these second class citizens form the breeding ground for terrorist organizations.

We don’t have this situation in the US, but if the Republicans have their way, we will.  This is wrong on so many fronts, I am astonished that any thinking person would consider it.  Do NOT create a breeding ground for terrorists in the US!  Kill this legislation NOW.  The foolishness in this effort is overshadowed only by the dangerousness of the outcome.

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