Proposed: US Constitutional Amendment on election processes

As I watch the ever increasing avalanche of bad news about the broken system that we use to elect our leaders, I am in agreement with David Frum who provided a well worded call to repair it.

I would propose that there is a structural problem that obstructs consistency: lack of anyone who is accountable for ensuring election systems are actually set up right.

I propose that we create an independent federal agency the will run all elections nationwide. Its leader will serve a four year term, by having the president offer a list of appointees to the Senate, and having the Senate pick one.

The amendment is necessary because this is a state responsibility now, and it must move to the federal level.

I propose that it read: The United States Government shall ensure that all elections in the United Stated are performed in a manner that is open, fair, accurate, and ensures that all legal citizens shall have an equal opportunity to have their vote counted.

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